Woman Scream 2018-Accra-Ghana

On the  4th March, the Woman Scream Programme came off with an introduction and welcome by the President of the Ghana Association of Writers, Nana Kwasi Gyan-Apenteng.  He spoke about the Internal Woman’s Day and handed over to Mariska Araba Taylor-Darko, the coordinatior.  Mariska spoke about the theme and why it was so important to make everyone aware of the trials of women in the world.

Young ladies were given the opportunity to perform poetry on the theme.  Many were full on emotion and during the question and answer time they were given the opportunity to talk about what inspired them to write the poems.  Some said it was from observing around them, from experience and from watching items on the news.   

Other members of the audience also had some readings and poems and the evening came to a close with networking and registration of new members who would continue to come to the GAW Sunday events held on the first Sunday of every month at 3pm to showcase their writings.  They  were inspired to take up the cause of Women and their issues and problems to make all men and women aware of the problems.

Report by Mariska Araba Taylor-Darko
WS Coordinator in Accra, Ghana

Woman Scream 2018-Macedonia

“Woman Scream Festival” of the Republic of Macedonia, was held on Thursday, March 28 ,from 7 pm - 23 pm,  at MKC Club & Restaurant, Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia, under the slogan "20 days after the March 8 and what have we done?"  It was organized and coordinated by Olivera Docevska and Elena Prendjova, with co-coordination of the Justicia Organization.

The festival was held to raise awareness of gender equality and against gender-based violence, and as a tribute to mothers, as guides of a new generation committed to a life without violence and, to mothers who have lost their daughters as a result of it. It was attended by women and men from all artistic fields.

At the first part of the evening, the panellists Biljana Dukovska from the Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform - MAPP, Snezhana Smilevska from the Women's Organization Skopje, Natasha Dokovska from Journalist for Human Rights debated on three different topics: women and poverty, poverty as a sexist and the impact of poverty as a factor plus for violence against women, the violence against women and children, the need for their protection by removing the abuser from the home, the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, and the need for additional shelter centers for victims of violence and about  the model for reporting in the media for victims of violence and femicide, a search for sensationalism instead of compassion , understanding and protection. 

The Festival for poetry and art was open officially by  Studio for dance "Vaib" with modern dance in the choreography of Milena Maneva, as well as ballet performance of the composition of composer Darija Andovska for a fixed medium, choreographed by Elena Antonova Petrović and performance by students and students from DMBUC "Ilija Nikolovski - Luj" and students and students from FMU (ballet pedagogy);

Eminent poets: Stefan Mitic and Bogosav Pejic from Leskovac, Serbia, Nemanja Stojkovic - Bleki from Vranje, Serbia, Daniel Kubas Romero from Peru, Atanas Chuposki, Aneta Vasileva, Puntorie Muca Ziba, Irena Jurcheva, Ana Ljubic, Elena Prendzova, Xhabir Deralla and Olivera Docevska from Macedonia, performed their poetic copyright works at the MKC Club restaurant.

A small concert was performed by the singers of pop music Igor Uzunov and Valentina Gjorgjievska Pargo.


A mini-exhibition of the eminent artists: Jana Maneva Chuposka, Ivanka Baskar Apostolova, Toni and Emi Tocinovski, Lara Tashkovska Larson, an exhibition of jewelry by Emanuela Trajcevska, as well as an exhibition of artistic photography by photographer Cvetan Gavrovski took place on the event scene .

A fashion show under the motto "Women Scream" by the fashion designers Sara Redzik –Atelje Sari G brought to the finish line the formal part of the event, when тhe Studio for dance "Vibe" performed the Latin American dance performance "Rueda de Casino" - salsa . in the choreography of Kosta Andonov and Marta Arsovska  and ones again raised the audience to their feet to dance; then all continued to listen to Latin music.

The event was supported by CIVIL – Center for freedom, CIVIL Media, and the photographer Bibe Jordanovska by providing recording and photography, also by the Anastasija Pavlovska. In the end, certificates of appreciation were distributed.

The organizations that supported the event were: UN Women, the Mayor of the Municipality of Centar Skopje and the Municipality of Centar Skopje, the MKC Club restaurant, the Macedonian Platform against Poverty - MAPP, the Turkish Association YENİ Yildiz TÜRK Derneği "NEW STARS", NGO "Ambrela" - Skopje, Women's Organization Skopje, Journalists for human rights, the art studio "Fantast", the Studio for dance "Vibe" Skopje, Studio Sari G, CIVIL Center for Freedom, Justicia , and the portals and

Woman Scream 2018-Connecticut-USA

Last 10th of march, 2018 The National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc. in New Hartford, Connecticut, USA, hosted once again, the “Woman Scream” International Poetry and Arts Festival, under the motto “Flashlights of Hope” that honors mothers around the world. Woman Scream 2018, was celebrating its 8th edition  and paid tribute to mothers, as guides of a new generation committed to a life without violence, and to mothers who have lost their daughters as a result of it. Two events where celebrated at The Licia & Mason Beekley Community Library & The Passiflora Cafe, New Hartford, CT USA, both of them hosted by: Colin Haskins & Debbie T Kilday.

The First events started at 3:30pm and ended around 5:30pm. It featured poets such as: Izikhotane, Colin Haskins, Robert C. Fullerton, Debbie Tosun Kilday, Viviana Duncan, Barbara Ehrentreu, Nbs Malay, Amy Woronick, Prince A. McNally, Sandra Ebner, Benjamin Wiseman, Michael L. Kilday, Kerry McCoy.

Photos and collage by Shaw Izikson

The event continued with an Open Mic, more Poetry, Music, Food, and Fun at The Passiflora Café that started at 6:00pm and lasted until 7:30pm.

The state of Connecticut has joined the Woman Scream initiative since 2013 with the support of the Free Poets Collective, the first American certified group authorized to host the WS event in USA since it started at the Dominican Republic in March 2011.

Woman scream 2018 has been celebrated in over 30 countries, and over 140 events took place in honor of mothers worldwide.   

Your can check the work of the The National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc. at their Facebook Page.

Woman Scream 2018-Tanzania

It was an emotional moment full of hope as the women and children of Kichangani community came together to learn and share on gender based violence.  The event brought flashlights of hope to the community as they started sharing different ways that they can prevent and report issues related to gender based violence. They talked about each member of the community being responsible in ensuring the community is a safe space for all the young and old people. It was written all over the women’s face that they are ready to create positive changes in their families and the community at large.

During the Woman Scream Event, we had a gathering of young children below 6 years of age, older kids (6-12 years), teenagers and older women. We started with introductions and few activities that created an atmosphere for discussions, sharing and learning from each other. Afterwards, we divided the participants into three sub-groups, which were toddlers; young boys; and girls and women group. Each group was led by a team member whereas Maureen Mwaisaka and Nancy Lazaro led the women group, Kwame Elly Anangisye led the boys group and Somy Solomon led the toddlers group. The discussions were centred around sending messages of self-esteem, respect and rising voices against gender based violence. This was done through discussions, poetry, songs and children activities. Children were taught to love each other, stand up for one another, treat each other with respect and to build their confidence as they grow up into being responsible citizens and create communities without gender based violence. 

At last, everyone came together and we had another poem from Nancy Lazaro shared with everyone as well as song from Kwame Elly Anangisye, who led an interactive session with kids as part of closing. Maureen Mwaisaka gave the closing remarks. As a sign of unity, with children in the middle, the women stood in a circle while holding each other’s hands and together we vowed to give our children education and good upbringing for their own benefit and that of a country. Holding each other’s hands was a symbol for all of us women to let each other know that we are here for one another. Each one of us may be going through a certain form of violence, but we are standing together to scream and fight. We are each other’s voice. We are each other’s power.

All poems shared were written in Swahili. These poems were written by Nancy Lazaro and Neema Komba. 

La Poetista (@PoetryTanzania) joined hands with Kichankani Library and Learning Center to reach out to Kichangani community located in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam.

The team included:
Nancy Lazaro – Poet, Co-Founder of La Poetista (@PoetryTanzania)
Neema Komba – Poet, Co-Founder of La Poetista (@PoetryTanzania)
Somy Solomon – Social Activist, Founder of Kichankani Library and Learning Center
Kwame Anangisye – Musician, Children Facilitator, Artist
Maureen Mwaisaka - Co- founder Miliki Taji Lako (Own Your Crown)

Woman Scream 2018-Peth-Australia

We had a fantastic event in Perth with a strong line-up of women poets and spoken word artists, giving voice to narratives which have been silenced.  This year WA Poets Inc opted for a women-only cast of performers. There feature poets were Elise Kelly (Australia), Marziya Mohammedani (Kenya), Zainab Syed (Pakistan), Sandie Walker (Aus). Eleven more women performed their work to the theme of ‘Flashlights of Hope’: Christine Della Vedova, Ann Gilchrist, Georgia Hooper, Rafeif Ismail (Sudanese Australian), Annette Mullumby, Zan Ross (US), Maggie Van Putten (US), Rose Van Son and Jan Napier. 

45 women and 30 men attended ‘Woman Scream: Flashlights of Hope’ at the Moon. As an organiser and host, I provided information on the origins of Woman Scream and listed other ‘Woman Scream’ events happening around the world that same day. I mentioned the massive walk-out of 5.3 million women in Spain on International Women’s Day, which was met with tremendous applause. Further into the readings I asked all men in the audience to stand up, and we collectively thanked them for listening and told them they are important allies in this ongoing struggle.

Jane Cornes represented a local women’s refuge ‘Starick’ to talk about the importance of their work and where they need support, and collected over A$400 in cash donations.

Tineke Van der Eecken
Organiser for WA Poets Inc


"On Saturday 10th March 2018 the back room at the Moon Cafe in Northbridge had a full house for 'FLASHLIGHTS OF HOPE', a 'woman scream' event promoted by WA Poets Inc. Poetry focused on a spectrum of women's issues, highlighting both individual cases and shared concerns and experiences. The event was presented by an impressive line up of female poets from around the globe. Voices from various age groups, ethnicity and style reflected the diversity AND the unity of womanhood. There were multi generational attendees and it was wonderful to also have the support of many men in an enthusiastic audience.  Donations were received towards 'Starick', a local women's refuge.” Ann Gilchrist

“The event highlighted for me how much women's viewpoints had been silenced and suppressed. I heard their fierce truths in a refreshing and beautiful variety of poetic forms."
Adam Bennett

"An amazing afternoon at The Moon Cafe, William Street, Northbridge (WA Poets Inc) 2-4pm last Saturday afternoon (10 march 2018), organised by Tineke van der Eecken and Maddie Godfrey. The theme 'Torchlight of Hope' - wonderful poems to inspire women and men in society's fight on Violence Against Women. So many beautiful, strong, female voices; and the Moon Cafe was full; people standing in the aisles. You could have heard a pin drop when the poems were read. A beautifully organised event. I was honoured to be one poetry voice among so many amazing poets.”
Rose Van Son

2nd. International Encounter of Women Poets International Movement and Woman Scream 2018 Opening

General program of the 2nd. International Encounter of Women Poets International Movement MPI Inc. and the opening of the Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer) International Poetry and Arts festival 2018: “Flashlights of Hope”, in honor of mothers around the world. Toluca-México

(From the 1st to the 5th of March)

Details at calendar menu.

Participants: National and foreign poets and artists, friends, collaborators and followers of the Woman Scream cause worldwide.

Note: The participation program is now complete. Thank you for helping us spread the word in all possible media, and for your assistance in supporting this beautiful cause.


March 1, 2018

-Cultural tour through the city of Mexico.

-Presentation of our Anthology “Faros de Esperanza” (Flashlights of hope), homage to mothers. Centro Cultural Jose Martí. 12:30 pm

-Poetry reading and artistic presentation at the Sala Adamo Boari, Palace of Fine Arts, México city. Time: 4:00 p.m. (Open to the public)


March 2, 2018

- Cultural meeting in Toluca and Tenango del Valle of poets and artists invited with students from different schools. 10:00 am

-Concert of the Symphonic Orchestra of the State of Mexico. Concert Hall Felipe Villanueva. 7:00 p.m. (Gala dress, by invitation)


March 3, 2018

-Recital Opening Woman Scream 2018: "Flashlights of Hope". Botanical Garden Cosmovitral. 9:30 am- 12:00 pm
(Open to the public)

-Awarding ceremony with featured Woman Scream collaborators. Recital of poetry and music 6:00 pm-9: 00 pm. José María Velazco Museum (By invitation)


March 4, 2018

-Exhibition of luxury vehicles by the Friends of the Mustang Club.
(By choice, free morning to get to know the city) from 10:00 am. Zócalo de Toluca.

-Expo "Faros de Esperanza" by the Dominican painter Yan Páez. Poetic Recital-Musical at Plaza Las Américas Metepec, 3 pm. at 6pm. (Open to the public).


March 5th

Farewell-Return. Optional tour around the city for those who wish to stay longer.

New Woman Scream anthology!

Congrats! the #womanscream cause #gritodemujer has got a new poetry anthology to honor girls around the world with the best poems read at some of the events from march 2017..."Muñecas" (Dolls) is available in Amazon, hurray for this new gift!






#womanscream #poetry #spanish #Dolls #child

Woman Scream 2017, Polokwane-South Africa

We (Slam Emporium PLK) wish to confirm having hosted and event for the Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival in Polokwane, South Africa on 25 March 2017 at the Inner City Car Wash in Polokwane.

The event featured female poets from around Polokwane namely, Vivienne Maya Kambwiri, Nthabiseng (Kiowa) Masalesa (Winner of the 2016 Slam Emporium Goddess of the Mic Annual Slam), Lesego Mokumo and Mercy Dhliwayo (a.k.a Xtreme Sanity, co founder of the Slam Emporium PLK) as well as two female guests from outside Polokwane, namely Nyakallo from Qwaqwa and Lindokuhle (Kush) Malahleka from Kwazulu Natal.

The show also featured performances by supporting male poets who opened the show as "curtain raisers"  such as Thomas Masingi, Thabo Alpheus Chabalala, Selby Thato Kupa, and Polokwane based dance-hall artist Jah Mercifull and renowned rapper Necrophonic Skills who closed the show with musical performances.

The event was an outdoor event and it rained on the day but the rain did not stop the show as performers continued with their performances from the car wash veranda against the backdrop of raindrops. Attached herein below are some of the photographs from the event.

Woman Scream 2017 Saint Petersburg Russia

Report on the Festival of poetry Woman Scream 2017 in St. Petersburg Russia

The event took place on March 31 2017. The venue was, as in all the previous years, at the Adelante, the center of Spanish language and culture.
This year there were ten competitors, three of them being our previous years’ participants.
The discovery of this year’s festival was Irina Kuksha, who presented her poem in Russian and in English, both excellently written.
The organizers and the jury were :
  1. Natalia Alexandrova, Associate Professor of the Academic University, Russian Academy of sciences
  2. Marina Drobysheva, Associate Professor, Alexander Pushkin Humanitarian University
  3. Ilya Kolodiazhny, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Journalism, St. Petersburg State University (jury)

The program included :
  • A short story of the International Festival Woman Scream, and the story about  how Teresa Calderon started it in St. Petersburg , by Natalia Alexandrova
  • The recital of a poem by the early 20th century poet  Igor Severianin, performed by a student Vladislav Golubtsov
  • The competitors read their poems
  • The jury spoke about the nuances of writing poetry, and announced the winners
  • The winners received certificates and prizes (mugs)
  • An informal talk and exchange of opinions, with wine and cakes.
Coordinator Natalia Alexandrova

Woman Scream 2017 Macedonia


“Woman Scream Festival” of the Republic of Macedonia, was held on Tuesday, March 28 , at various locations , and with different activities, at MKC Club & Restaurant, Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia, MKC Djebno kino and in the "Fantast" Art Studio in TC Biser, Skopje, under the slogan "20 days after the March 8 and what have we done?"

It was organized and coordinated by Olivera Docevska and Elena Prendjova, with co-coordination of the Justicija Organization.

The festival was held to raise awareness of gender equality and against gender-based violence, and against violence on little girls. It was attended by women and men from all artistic fields.

Video projections of the NGOs for women's rights – HERA and ESE were presented in MKC Djebno kino, where the panelists: Biljana Dukovska from the Macedonian platform against poverty – MAPP, Marija Savovska from the Akcija Zdruzenska, and Biljana Stramshak Gjurovska, debated on three different topics: women and poverty, women and single-parenting, and society’s invisible women. "20 days after the March 8 and what we have done?"., all in favour of gender equality, combating domestic violence and women's rights as the basis for a justice in society.

Eminent poets: Renata Penchova, Marina Mijakovska, Cvetanka Koleva, Natasha Sardjoska, Vasilka Golubova, Cathy Jovanova, Simona Tasheva, Xhabir Deralla, Diana Petkova, D. A. Lori, Olivera Docevska , Elena Prendjova, Dragica Najceska, Irena Jurcheva and Filip Kletnikov, performed their poetic copyright works at the MKC Club restaurant. A violin concert was held there, too, by the violinist Shkelzen Pajaziti.

A mini-exhibition of the eminent artists: Emilija and Stojche Tocinovski (acrylic paper), Ana Rankovitch (watercolor paper) Ganna Mozgova (mixed media) and Ivana Apostolova Baskar took place on the event scene in the "Fantast" Art Studio, TC Biser, Skopje.

A fashion show under the motto "Women Scream" by the fashion designers Sara Redzik –Atelje Sari G and Magdalena Tanevska – Magda, brought to the finish line the formal part of the event, where all continued to listen to Latin music at the MKC Club Restaurant. The event was supported by Civil – Center for freedom, Civil Media, and the photographer Bibe Jordanovska by providing recording and photography.

The organization that supported the event were: Elena Luka Foundation, Fashionel, MKC Club & Restaurant, MKC (Djebno kino), "Fantast" Art Studio, Civil – Center for Freedom,, Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platforme –  MAPP, YENİ Yildiz TÜRK Derneği – "New Star" Turkish Association, Justicia NGO, Association HERA, Association ESE and Municipality Center of Skopje.